Hot Stones vir Massering

Created, Cured and Shaped by Nature, our company source this rock in the untouched nature along the shoreline of the icy Atlantic Ocean, where virtually no people ever set foot.

 These Quarts Porphyry Stones are shaped and sanded by the deep waters, before it gets deposited in the full sun on sandy beaches. 

With its excellent ability to attract and absorb the sun’s heat, Quarts Porphyry makes an excellent stone to use in Hot Stone Therapy.  The smooth texture and fascinating colour makes it a perfect stone to perform deep tissue massages with, detoxifying and de-stressing clients.  Each stone is handpicked and free of visible defects. 

With continuous use, the stones will become darker and smoother.  The therapist perfecting and finishing the smoothing process that nature started.

 We supply Hot Stone Sets throughout South Africa.  Please enquire about courier service in the Western Cape, or SAPO fees.

 Information about the Quarts Porphyry Stone: 

Apatite, Magnetite and Zircon are three minerals found in crystal form in most Quarts Porphyry Stone.

Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals, is non-radio active, and poses no threat to the environment.  It is usually used in fertilizers as it contains high volumes of phosphorus.

 Magnetite is one of several iron oxides and also the heat absorber.  Mostly a magnetic mineral, magnetite is used in alternative medicine practice involving the use of static magnetic fields.

Zircon, as a colourless mineral, can be a replacement for diamonds, should traces of gem qualities are to be found in it.  It is not cubic zirconia though.

 Zircon with its neutron absorbing properties is a mineral found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks in countries such as Italy, Norway, Madagascar, Canada and Thailand with Australia being the biggest miner of Zircon.  They mine Zircon for its insulating properties.

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